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Dining Done Differently

5 Courses. 3 Hours. Reservations Required.


The Curator of the Culinary Underground Railroad

Chef Brandon Highstone has been in Southern Oregon for 20+ years, but proudly hails from Anchorage, Alaska. He graduated from the Medford Culinary Institute and has been a part of the local culinary scene ever since. Chef's passion is to create fresh from scratch food inspired by chefs and cultural styles from around the world. Chef personally curates each meal ensuring minimal waste. While Chef Highstone has been trained in and worked for large successful restaurants, he desired a more intimate and creative approach. At Highstone's his full creativity and ability to connect with his guests fosters a one-of-a-kind dinner experience.

Fresh, Local Ingredients
Minimal Waste

Come as strangers, leave as friends

Highstone elevated fine dining is truly an experience. It all began at home in 2020 and has grown to a commercial location in downtown Medford. Each dinner is limited to just 35 guests and features 5 exquisite courses. The menu is always different and not provided ahead of time. Chef Highstone invites his guests to come with an open mind and he dazzles the senses with creative dishes, inspired from every part of the globe. The Chef presents every course with story of its creation. The venue includes several round tables where guests are seated with each other. The atmosphere is relaxed, casual and live music is always present. While dinners often start out quietly, but the second or third course the room is a buzz with conversation and delight.

We had a meal tonight to rival the best meals we have ever had, even at Michelin Star restaurants in Dublin and Paris. The pace of service was subtle and relaxed. The music matched the mea;. The chef was casual and infused the patrons with culinary pleasure, as well as the food. We leave as friends and patrons.

Jim Kaze

What a fantastic time with Chef Highstone and wife. We love our experiences here and give you our 100% support. You two are the absolute best. So glad to know you both and experience life.

Paul & Paula Wren